Take the left lane.

With WANTASTIC your broadband connection will feel as quick as never before. By boosting existing xDSL lines using two times 4G LTE, stable and fast Internet connectivity becomes available even for rural areas.

Making your Internet great again.

Wantastic's MultiWAN router enables Internet service providers to provide customers with fail-safe and fast connections. For this purpose, up to four broadband connections can be used simultaneously in a bonded fashion: Two LTE cellular (with integrated modems) and two external modems (e.g. DSL) via the WAN Ethernet interfaces.

2x 4G LTE Advanced
2x DSL / Fixed line

The device

The Wantastic router bonds two LTE connections. In addition up to to WAN Ethernet devices can be connected, giving a total of four WAN connections.

Two integrated WLAN Access Points for both 2.4 and 5 GHz provide good WiFi coverage. A total of four LAN ports provide local connectivity.

The integrated display allows for easy status monitoring and quick basic configuration.


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